About Us

Their Voice is a charity that believes compassion, collaboration and unwavering support can spark transformative change.

Their Voice is an organisation founded on care and compassion. We are dedicated to aiding survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK, facilitating their journey towards healing and the reconstruction of their lives.

Each survivor’s path is unique, which is why our services are thoughtfully tailored to meet their individual needs. From essential items like clothing and toiletries we strive to be a beacon of assistance on their journey to recovery. Our regular Empowerment Workshops serve as a sanctuary for rediscovering their voice and healing from the trauma they have endured.

Central to our ethos is the profound belief in the fundamental dignity and value of every person we serve. Through our services, we aim to provide essential practical resources that may not be accessible through other avenues, ensuring that each individual’s needs are met.

Collaboration forms a cornerstone of our approach. We work in close partnership with fellow agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to raise awareness about the various forms of modern slavery that persist in our society. By joining forces, we amplify our impact and deepen our understanding of the challenges faced by survivors.

Our avid dedication extends to standing alongside the most vulnerable members of our society. By giving them a platform to be heard and addressing their needs, we strive to empower them to regain their sense of self and reclaim their lives.

Our Story

Established in 2015 by social worker Carolyn, ‘Their Voice’ is a UK-based charity.
Carolyn began as a volunteer in a safe house, offering refuge for families and women to heal from the traumas of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

In witnessing the stories and struggles of these women, Carolyn recognised the importance of ensuring survivors feel both valued and supported in their path to recovery.
This realisation sparked the beginning of an initiative – Their Voice.

The journey began with the creation of meticulously crafted gift-wrapped baskets, each containing essential toiletries. These thoughtful gifts were placed in the bedrooms of the safe house, accompanied by handwritten cards of welcome and encouragement. These small acts of compassion paved the way for meaningful connections, a profound sense of belonging and hope for the future.

Shifting focus, Their Voice addressed the unique needs of pregnant survivors of sexual exploitation, providing hospital bags and baby baskets for this crucial phase of their lives. Expanding their scope even further, Their Voice created children’s packs with clothes, toys and books to help bring comfort to the youngest members of these families, ensuring a sense of security in the safe house.

Expanding our reach beyond the safe house, Their Voice has cultivated partnerships with NGOs and organisations, extending crucial support to families and individuals in the community. This collaborative effort has resulted in a profound impact, positively touching thousands of lives affected by the harrowing experiences of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Together, we strive with compassion, empathy and unwavering dedication to alleviate suffering and foster transformative change.

Survivor Stories

Faith’s story

The sudden death of Faith's husband left her alone to support four children in Africa. She was offered a domestic assistant role in the UK, but upon arrival her passport was taken and she was beaten, starved and worked long hours without pay. Read Faith's story of reconnecting with her children after years of domestic servitude.

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How you can help

As a regulated charity we depend on the generous support and donations from amazing people and businesses like you. Whether it is providing baby items, toiletries, pre-loved items, household goods, funds to provide for our workshops, and much more we are truly grateful. 

How you can help