An estimated 50 million people are in slavery worldwide.
100,000 people in the UK are in modern slavery
Men, women and children are exploited, many into forced labour and criminality against their will.
No one should have to live in these conditions.



What We Do

Practical Support

We provide women with a hospital bag and baby basket, as well as larger items such as prams as necessary.

We also provide welcome baskets for both men and women on their arrival at safe houses across Kent, Surrey and Greater London

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Raising Awareness

We raise awareness of human trafficking in the South East via talks, events, presentations and training.

We show how to see modern slavery in the community and how to act against it

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Outreach Programmes

We work alongside survivors of human trafficking advocating and empowering them to positively move forward from their past experiences.

We run empowerment programs with individuals to help build their confidence, reduce social isolation and create new friendship groups.

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‘Their Voice’ is working securely and confidentially in partnership with other organisations providing practical gifts and support for survivors of modern slavery in the UK.

Our aim is to assist in empowering survivors to regain dignity, equality and independence. In order to enable them to start their journey of recovery we will be :


  • Donating essential gift wrapped toiletries for women which await the arrival of survivors when they come into into safe accommodation
  • Donating a hospital bag of essential personal items for Mum awaiting the imminent birth of her baby
  •  Donating a gift basket of essential newborn baby items for expectant mothers who have been sexually exploited
  • Donating a gift pack of toys and educational items for the children
  • Donating men's toiletry bags containing essential personal items
  • Partnering with other organisations in facilitating survivors with their reintegration into society
  • Campaigning to ensure an equality in service provisions
  • Raising awareness of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in the UK, through presentations and use of social media
  • Facilitate empowerment programmes

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There are various ways you can help support ‘Their Voice’, each and every donation helps us bring support for survivors of modern slavery.

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