The Team at Their Voice is always looking for new volunteers. We need your help to fill clothes packs, hospital bags and baby baskets, and further our mission to empower the survivors of human trafficking.

Whether you can give us only a few hours, or even a couple of days a week, we would love to have you involved!

Please email us at if you want to volunteer for us.

Meet some of our Volunteers.


Sue and Jackie are two of our Volunteers. Sue helps out once a week, and Jackie has just started. We wanted to share a little bit about them, and the support that they give us.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering with Their Voice?

Sue: The team are so welcoming and friendly, there’s a really good atmosphere here.

Jackie: I second that, it’s great to have such a welcoming environment to spend time in.

What has surprised you most whilst volunteering with Their Voice?

Sue: I get the impression that people don’t realise the real scope of the problem, or don’t want to know that it’s happening at all or could be happening around the corner from them.

Jackie: I didn’t realise the sheer number of people who are subject to modern slavery. But I have also found people’s generosity quite striking. We get so many lovely donations, and we wouldn’t be able to help everyone we do without those donations.

What does a typical day here look like for you?

Sue: Well, we start off with a coffee and a chat, and then we get to work on whatever referrals are going out that week. Today we are putting together two clothes packs for 3-6 month-old boys, so that process involves getting out all the donations we have, sorting through them and making sure everything that goes into the packs is top-quality, clean and ironed. We try to put a wardrobe’s worth of clothes in, as well as things like shoes, maybe a toy or two if we have any.

Other days we might be doing other orders; we put together Moses baskets or hospital bags, organise toys and clothes packs into their corresponding orders. There are always orders that need filling, and people who need our help.

What would you say to encourage someone to become a volunteer for us?

Sue: I think I would explain just how many people we support, and how important the cause is. Along with it being fun to be here with the team of course.

Jackie: I definitely agree, this problem and this cause falls under the radar, and it isn’t something that people are aware of. Their Voice is doing so much to raise awareness and provide support and it’s a great cause to work with.