Raising Awareness of Modern Slavery

Through social media and speaking engagements we raise awareness of modern slavery.


What is Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery?

Human Trafficking occurs when men, women and children are recruited by deception or against their will.

They can be tricked into believing that they can start a new life. They leave their home, family and friends hoping to escape hardship, discrimination or persecution in their own country or they are taken against their will.

They are transported either across international borders or simply moved to a new location in the same country. Once they reach their destination their dreams quickly turn into nightmares.

These individuals are sold as commodities and their sense of identity is taken away. Usually they are kept locked away or are controlled using physical and verbal threats, violence, starvation and drugs.

At their lowest point they are ready to be exploited into modern slavery, a life of servitude and abuse.

Modern Slavery has many forms.

Sex Traffickinginvolves prostitution, escort work and pornography. Women and children make up the majority of the victims but men can also be affected.

Forced Crime is usually imposed on child victims because they are not of the age of criminal responsibility. They can be found working in cannabis farms, shop lifting and begging.

Forced Labour on building sites, farming, nail bars, hospitality. Victims are given no or very little money.

Domestic Servitude is when people are forced to be household servants who receive little or no pay. They have restricted movements and limited or no free time, they are often forced to sleep where they work.

Forced Marriage occurs when a child or adult has not consented to marriage. They are unable to leave and are required to perform domestic chores and sexual acts with a huge sense of ownership and power held by the partner.

Organ tradesuch as kidneys and liver are commonly harvested and traded, often the donor receives little remuneration in exchange.

There is an estimated 46.8 Million slaves globally and approximately 13,000 slaves in the UK and a calculated 5,000 in London alone.
One Third of those are trafficked children



Useful Links & Contact Details

Police Emergency – 999 – If you are a victim of human trafficking or you believe someone is please contact 999 immediately

Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111 – If you wish to report a crime anonymously

If you have concerns about your situation or you are a victim of trafficking and are in need of assistance, please contact The Salvation Army  24-Hour Confidential Referral Helpline on  0300 3038151 available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
If you have information or suspect there are victims of human trafficking in your community please contact The Metropolitan Police Helpline and pass the information on in confidence on  0800 783 2589. If it’s an emergency, please call  999.